Welsh Poppies to be published

Welsh PoppiesMartha Sielman who is Executive Director of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) is writing a Quilt book titled “International Art Quilts: Abstracts and Geometrics” to be published by Schiffer Publishing in the Fall of this year. I was lucky enough to have “Welsh Poppies” chosen to be one of the 95 pieces in the book. 462 artists submitted 1350 pieces so I really feel honoured and try to remember that when I am questioning whether I should continue trying to create my art. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that my piece will make it to the book as there is a slight chance that the publisher may decide that it cant fit in all the photographs.

I am hoping to add quite a few images to my website as I am determined to learn more about wordpress so that I can quickly update the website. I have a piece I donated to SAQA benifit auction  http://www.saqa.com/memberArt.php?ID=3360. There are lots of beautiful pieces all 12″square donated from textile artists all over the world. The auction starts Sept 18th.



A New Start



I finished this piece a while ago but unfortunately I finished the piece and not the hot flashes! I am determined to make the most of my talents and not let menopause win!

I love textiles, designing anything from vases, cuffs to art pieces. I also love music and playing the tenor saxophone but there are not enough hours in the day.

This is a new start a new website, I can do this!